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Waste some time
Have a donut and some coffee
While you are supposed to be working

Strange but True

A couple went shopping one day and the family car broke down near the local supermarket. The wife decided to continue with the shopping while the husband tried to fix the car.

She returned about an hour later to find a large, giggling crowd gathered around the car. Curious about the cause of their merriment , the wife looked down and spotted a pair of male legs stretched out from underneath the car with, as it were, everything hanging out of a pair of shorts.

Blushing profusely, and not wishing to cause further embarrassment, the wife bent down and tucked everything neatly back into place. It was then that the husband appeared from the supermarket and said: 'I've been looking for you everywhere to tell you that I couldn't find the problem with the car so I called the NRMA.'

Word from the street is the NRMA serviceman had five stitches inserted to a head wound and now wears long pants to work.
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