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Three salesmen arrive at a hotel one night and ask for a room. The manager informs them the price is $30.00.
Each gives the manager a ten, and they retire for the night. Shortly, the manager remembers that the room was at a discount, on account of it being haunted.
So he tells his bellhop that the room was only $25.00, gives the bellhop five dollars and tells him to give the men the refund.
The bellhop is slightly crooked and rationalizes, "Five doesn't divide well among three, I'll save them some arguing and just give them a dollar each."
Which he does, and keeps the leftover two dollars for himself. Now each of the men paid $9.00 for the room, for a total of $27.00.
The bellhop has $2.00. 27+2=29.
What happened to the missing dollar?

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