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Have a donut and some coffee
While you are supposed to be working


In relation to your request for when we will address your concern:
We do not have a crystal ball. We broke them all playing lacrosse with them. Do not call and scream angrily, 'Why the fuck isn't anyone doing anything about all this crap going on around here?' Define the crap. Where is 'here'? I don't give a fuck!
In a similar vein, we cannot make the response to your concern go any faster. Our magic wands got broken in the same lacrosse game. The simple fact is that it will happen when it happens.

When having to deal with you again:
Whenever you come around and start sprouting shit at me I think of the saying 'if you spend your life trying to please idiots, you will eventually start thinking like one' and I worry about my future.

If I do not talk to you:
Do not assume I'm racist, sexist, disableist, heterosexist, ageist or Marxist. There is a much better and more completely truthful reason for why I choose not to talk with you: You Are Stupid.

Don't bullshit me:
Drop the managerial lies. You started out at the bottom of the dog pile too. The fact that you have learned a new trick does not make you more intelligent; it means you were in the right place at the right time for a promotion.

I don't care:
Here's 20 cents. Use it to call someone who gives a flying fuck!
Excuse me, I think you are confusing me with someone who cares.
And you think I care because?

Please don't come near me, I don't want you infecting me with your stupid.
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