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Waste some time
Have a donut and some coffee
While you are supposed to be working

More Office Games

Pondering (1)
When you have time that you should be using to ponder the work situation, grab one of the big rolly things that the plotter paper came around and bash things up. But that's less pondering and more poundering.

Pondering (2)
Ponder road signs... like
'Loose Stones Travel Slowly' (Oh, no they don't)
'Changed Traffic Conditions Ahead' (This would have to be the stupidest sign ever invented. If you've been there before then you'll know it's changed and if you haven't then you won't know what it was like before.)
How about 'No lines marked, overtake with care' (Does this mean that when there are lines I don't need to take care when overtaking?)

Guess Who Is Where
Look around the office, see who wasn't there and then go into the toilet and try and guess who is in which stall.
You may be stopped from doing this when some of the women start complaining.
Some of the women will only complain if they couldn't get enough of you.
That would be because there is not enough of you to grab.
DISCLAIMER: Do not do this if you are a man.

Christmas Decorating
Look around the office and see who's not at their desk. Then ring them and leave a voice mail. All those red lights, makes every day seem like Christmas.

Feel guilty about the amount of caffeine and nicotine that you're putting into your body. Get over this by having a coffee and a cigarette. Alright, this is not strictly a game, but will get you out of the office for around 10 minutes, which is just as good.

Hand Puppets
Pick up the staple remover and start to pretend it is a hand puppet.
Find a 2nd staple remover and have conversations.
Get into an argument with yourself and leave in a huff.

Spock Attacks
Pick up the stapler, 'flick' it open and pretend to be talking to Spock.
For Og's sake, do NOT pretend to be the unnamed guy in the red shirt, because we all know what happens to him.

Shooting Gallery
'Shoot' the bin with the stapler from further and further away until you miss 10 in a row.
DISCLAIMER: Do not play this game if you frequent your office in bare feet, or if the office cleaner is a nazi.

Select a elite group of friends (same sex or sexual orientation).
Each day, one of you calls out a color and the remainder either agree or suggest an alternative.
When you all agree (should take around 2 minutes), you call that the color of the day and try to prove it.
Other around you will beg to be part of the clique and once they give you money they can join in.
But (and here's the fun part), you don't tell them what the game is about.
Oh, you don't know what the game is about either?
Well, then you're obviously not part of the clique, but you can be by sending $20 to me.
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