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Office Games

Mathematics Can Be Fun!
Using the adding machine, add up some numbers! (It's much more fun if the machine produces a ticker tape as its output, but if you're stuck with a calculator, then go and buy an adding machine with a ticker tape damn it!) Try to guess what they will add up to! You can also subtract one number from another, which usually results in a smaller number(!). Unless you're subtracting a negative number, that is!

How many 9's?
Another game with the adding machine (you did go and buy one with ticker tape didn't you?) is where you guess how many 9's you can fit on the display before you run out of room!
DRAWBACK: You can only play the 9 game once.

The Empire Staple Building
Take a handful of paperclips and try to stack them into a tower on top of the stapler. The taller the tower, the higher it will be!
DISCLAIMER: Do not read the text in the box below.
You can then play terrorist and throw a paper plane at the stack.

Take a ballpoint pen, and click it so the point pops out and you can write with it! Holding the pen at the other end between two fingers, swing the pen like a pendulum over piece of paper! As the pen brushes across the paper, it will make a series of hard-to-see lines! It's fun!
DISCLAIMER: This game is not fun.

The Click Trick
Click your ballpoint pen on and off as fast as you can for an hour or until you get painful thumb cramps! Whee!
BONUS ROUND: See if you can beat that target in the 2nd hour, or until you get time off for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The Game with the Liquid Paper
Do something fun with Liquid Paper like use it to correct errors on your monitor and then ring tech-support to complain that your monitor has acne.
TIP: Don't eat the Liquid Paper.

Paper Clip-Art Gallery
Make useful things from your paper-clips.
Make a longish piece of metal from something that once was useful.
Make swans.
Make finger nail cleaners.
Use them to make ear wax removers (DISCLAIMER: Don't do this)
See how many you can poke into an eraser.
Make an eraser pig with a curly tail.

Sticky Tape and Paper Men
Grab the sticky tape, some paper (preferably this week's time sheet), make a man out of paper and tape and then set him alight. Pretend to be in the fire brigade and put him out by squirting water onto him through a straw.
DISCLAIMER: Do not do this around your computer, for obvious reasons. Although if you can't see the obvious reason, go for it.
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