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Useless Shit I Didn't Know

Until I recently read my 2 year old the story of Bambi, I didn't know Bambi was a boy. After all, what with strippers and hookers aplenty with the name Bambi, I naturally thought Bambi was a girl. Doh!

Hey, gimme a break on this one, after all, I am a guy. I spent a few hours trying to clean the toaster the other weekend. Turning it upside down, on its side, etc, trying to get the crumbs and goop out that had been accumulating for years. When I explained what had taken me all morning to do to the missus, she politely showed me where the little trap door on the bottom is, so you could just open it and all the stuff falls straight out. So now she won't let me near the knives anymore. Hey!

Until about two weeks ago, I didn't know that ennui wasn't pronounced en-YOU-eye. It's apparently on-WE and means listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest; boredom.

It was only about 5 years ago, watching the 30th rerun (for me) of the Wizard of Oz that I came to the realisation that Dorothy had dreamt the entire trip to Oz. OK, so call me backwards, even at the age of 33 I simply didn't see that which was so obvious to everyone else.

In the Pokemon trading card game, there are three legendary birds. Articuno (bird of ice), Zapdos (bird of electricity) and Moltres (bird of fire). They are named for their numbers in Spanish. Uno, Dos and Tres. One, two, three. It took my 8 year old daughter to explain this to me.

In the Harry Potter books and films, Diagon Alley is the magical street of shops where the magical folk do their shopping. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I finally came to the realisation that Diagon Alley was a corruption of diagonally. A street which is slightly diagonal to the way the non-magical folk (Muggles) view London which is why none of them can see it.
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