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New and Useless Superheroes

Captain Jiffy
Power: Ability to always turns up exactly thirty minutes late
Source of Power: Tin-foil hat
Transportation: Beat up Holden Commodore
Uniform: Shorts that went out of fashion in the 80's

Gerhard Gas Guy
Power: Able to fart on command. Using his famous catch-cry 'pull my finger' Gas Guy is not welcomed anywhere he goes.
Source of Power: Beans and cabbage (mostly)
Transportation: Some girly car he thinks is cool
Uniform: Black jeans, black T-shirt and a chain hanging from his waist

Attends Man
Power: Super absorbent and utterly reliable, but will only come to the help of those over 70.
Source of Power: Ultra absorbent cotton
Transportation: A volvo
Uniform: Yellow cape, yellow tights, yellow boots and yellow underpants that are on the inside

Amway Boy
Power: Takes a normal rational, ordinary, everyday human and by showing them the 'truth and light' and offering them 3% commission on their sales is able to convert them into more Amway Boys whose only ability is to be able to turn other people into more Amway Boys
Source of Power: www.amway.com
Transportation: Anything that will get them to your front door
Uniform: Not dissimilar from those damn Mormons that come banging on the front door every fucking Sunday!

Kit-e-Kat Kid
Power: Causes any falling cats in the vicinity to land on their heads instead of on their feet with the useful side effect that when you drop your bread, it will always land jam-side up.
Source of Power: Newtonian Laws
Transportation: Cyclops Tricycle
Uniform: Non-descript

Man Man
Power: Ability to wear tights, a cape and his underpants on the outside and still not have his sexuality questioned
Source of Power: Woman kind
Transportation: A truck!
Uniform: Any damn thing he want to !
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