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Dumb Ideas

Fuel efficient cars (or FE/HEC's for short) are never going to sell. That's what marketing is all about isn't it? Promoting to you, the consumer, things that you don't want, but will buy because of the hype and coolness of the marketing.
FE/HEC's are a perfect example of marketing in full force, but in a weird, quasi-reverse-like universe.
FE/HEC's are dorky. You will never, ever, get to procreate in the back of a FE/HEC because they look dorky and therefore make you a dork and if you are a dork, you don't get to screw someone silly in the backseat of your FE/HEC.
FE/HEC's are a product of car manufacturers.
Car manufacturers are into this whole global oil thing.
If FE/HEC's were cool looking, everyone would want one.
If everyone wanted one, car manufacturers wouldn't make any money from oil.
So marketers, without shame, make FE/HEC's look dorky so, you don't buy one.
Then everyone gets rich from the oil those gas guzzlers burn.
Everyone except you that is.

Build a full-size replica of Noah's Ark to the actual biblical specifications. This modern recreation of an ancient maritime wonder would be 133m long, 22m wide and 13m high, with three enormous decks, housing a museum of biblical and natural history and, on the top deck, restaurants, shops and a full-size movie theatre. The Ark would tell the amazing story of the earth's creation and development by juxtaposing theological and scientific accounts. The Ark would be a symbol of hope: encouraging responsible, sustainable and ethical economic development, and promoting the advancement of both human and animal rights.
Stolen from idea-a-day
What a dumbshit idea this is. Jesus Christ on a fucking pogo stick. Juxtaposition the theological and scientific accounts. Please. Are you also going to feed the poor schlubs who turn up fishes and loaves and will said fishes and loaves be pulled out of your arse (ala miracle), or will you make them fresh each day (ala science). Hope you go bankrupt.

Introduce giant video screens as alternatives to traditional billboard advertising. Although only truly effective at night, the screens could be linked to a central server allowing advertisers to employ moving images and upload advertisements in rapid response to events. The server could equally well send images to projectors, beaming the commercials onto blank billboards or suitable buildings.
Stolen from idea-a-day
Been there, done that. It's called television. People won't watch ads on TV, what makes you think there're going to watch them on a huge ... (wait for it) ... TELEVISION. Moron.

Design a cloak of invisibility by fabricating a garment from optical fibres. The fibres would be carefully arranged such that the ends of each fibre are positioned on opposing sides of the body when worn.
Stolen from idea-a-day
Didn't whats-her-name wear one of these to the Oscar's last year? Oh, no, that was a fricken' swan. Ever heard of a certain Emperor who thought a similar thing but all that he ended up doing was showing his arse to his subjects? Fibre optics, sheesh !

Design an LCD window. This window would allow sunlight to pass through at one setting but also block out all light by simply adjusting the polarity of the LCD. The device would also allow the owner to display a customised window scene to view from the inside or a message to be viewed externally by hooking up the window to a computer.
Stolen from idea-a-day
Or you could just live near the sea, or by the mountains, or somewhere where the view is better apart from your vision of some crack house and the assorted whores that come out at all tiomes of the day and night. If you can afford a dirty great big LCD window, then you can afford to move, or buy a picture, or a painting you cheap fuck.

Install a second horn in cars. The original horn would be used for hazard warnings or to communicate anger or outrage. This would have a typically harsh sound. The second horn would be for thanking people, or saying goodbye when pulling away from friends. This horn would have a happier, more comic tone and be accordingly visually represented on the dashboard. A few road rage incidents may be avoided if drivers could differentiate more clearly between annoyance and gratefulness. A range of happy horn sounds could be offered by manufacturers.
Stolen from idea-a-day
Yeah, for those from down south, it could play something from, say, deliverance, then you know you would be completely fucked. Or if you're in Iraq, it could play the Star Spangled Banner, ditto, you're fucked. Or it could play 'It's a small world' and then when you pressed your horn, the guy from the other car would get out of his, just to come over to you and bash your fucking lights out, 'COS THAT SONG REALLY PISSES ME OFF. Idiot.
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