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Power Tools

Electric Screwdrivers
I would like to thank Black and/or Decker for providing the technology for electric screwdrivers. I can probably live the rest of my life without the need and/or desire to sand, saw, plane or anything remotely associated with dovetailing, but I know that I will inevitably buy pieces of assemble-ur-self furniture from cheap Swedish mega-stores that have to be screwed together. Using this technology, I don't even have to worry about the frustration and energy involved in hammering. I just sit back and let that sweet, sweet electricity do the work for me.

I think I used a bandsaw once back in tech. school days, and I seem to remember that I was less interested in actually building something and more in playing 'No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die' in my head. Until I came the realise that I could cut squiggles and moved directly into making a picture that could be assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. Once the picture was assembled, though, there was little point in taking it apart, so it's been assembled ever since. I think I've gotten over the bandsaw, although I did get a jigsaw, to make jigsaws.

I have a jigsaw. I've used it once. It's sat on the shelf ever since. Apart from jigsaws, what else do you use a jigsaw to make?

Electric Sander
I don't have a sander. Some days I wish I did, then I think about the effort involved. Many grades of sandpaper, many sandings to get the final finish which must then be protected by approximately 2 million coats of varnish. Even though the electricity (that sweet, sweet electricity) does all the work, I just can't imaging staring at a piece of timber for that long. Buy laminate.

Electric Drill
'When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, especially nails'. Get an electric drill in your hands and you suddenly become aware of all those clean, clean walls surrounding you ... and all of it yours for the puncturing. The tool that can drill a hole, incredibly fast, in exactly the wrong spot. I shouldn't be allowed to have one of these, but I do.

Power Saw
Ohhhhh, the power, the noise, the sweet, sweet smell of freshly cut timber, the ability to hack your fingers off in one simple pushing motion. Until I was 25 I was scared of the Power Saw. I think I still am. I am very, very careful when using this tool of the beast. I stand with my legs apart, slightly bent at the knees, power cord safely tucked behind me and watch the blade at all times. Arrrrrgh. The sawdust, it's in my eyes, the goggles, they do nothing. Maybe, this tool is best left in the box.
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