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Geocaching - Equipment

Well the first and most essential piece of equipment that we use is the GPS device.

Here we have the Garmin extrex.

We started out with a Garmin GPS 38 Personal Navigator. It was a good device except it sucked batteries faster than a 2 dollar whore. 4 AA batteries in about 2-3 hours.

For a mere $199.00 we upgraded to the etrex and we caclulate that we will save the purchase price in batteries in less than a year.

Sometimes a cash outlay can save money in the long run. Well that's the argument we used on the misses.

The second (and less essential but really cool) piece of equipment we have is a Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop computer loaded with OziExplorer 3.90.3a

Interfacing with the Garmin GPS, OziExplorer will keep a moving map of just exactly where you are.

We find this particularly handy when trying to find the best accessible roads and carparks closest to the cache.

This does all assume that we have the right maps of course. At the moment we have detailed maps of the Melbourne Metro Area.

We do have maps of the remainder of Victoria, although not to the same level of detail. It still gets you to the right spot, although some of the country caches will still require a bit of hit and miss as we drive up and down the mountains looking for tracks and roads not shown on our maps.

We also run GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) available from GSAK.NET.

This funky tool allows us to keep track of the caches we have found, the ones we have hidden and other information such as individual waypoints for multi-caches that we might still be tracking down. Customised searches keeps your Geocaching information readily available and saves time and effort.

Go visit GSAK.NET and see what we mean. You'll wonder how you ever did without it.

Some of the other equipment we carry:
  • Spare AA Batteries. Nothing worse that running out of batteries while your trying to zoom in on Ground Zero
  • A Melways (Street Directory) just in case the laptop dies
  • A list of cache owners mobile phone numbers for those times when you're miles away from anywhere and really (really) want to find the cache without having to drive 100 kilometers home and back again another day
  • Swaps
  • A pen or two just in case there isn't one in the cache or it's dried out
  • A caclulator for those tricky multi-caches that require advanced calculus
  • A Digital Camera for those great shots you shouldn't miss out on
  • A pair of pliers for the tricky micro-caches stuck inside something else
  • Garden Gloves for snakes and thorns
  • A First Aid Kit for when the garden gloves don't quite work
  • A torch for those scarty night time hunts where you feel teh Blair Witch is right on your tail.
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